Modern PCB Designer

Release Notes

Version 1.7.0 (September 24, 2020)

[Board] Fix: Showing air wires around origin after a 3D preview.

[Board] Fix: Clearance between poured poly and track was not respected as set from board rules.

[Board] Performance improvements for generating the 3D preview.

[Board] Performance improvements for polygon repouring.

Various core improvements and fixes.


Version 1.6.0 (August 24, 2020)

[Board Editor] Implemented a lock feature to not allow moving.

[Board Editor] Fix: For Smd pads, 'Autogenerate solder mask' property was not respected for preview 3D or Gerber output

[Board Editor] Fix: Having a polygon on the board didn't allow to select other items under it

[Board Editor] Fix: polygon was getting duplicated on save

[Board Editor] Fix: updating board from schematic didn't update pads in a net

[Board Editor] [Preview 3D] Fix: Part on bottom layer - model was shown with wrong orientation

Performance: Selecting multiple items in Overview tool window was very slow.

Various core improvements and fixes.


Version 1.5.0 (July 19, 2020)

Implemented bus on schematic

Show more info about a selected part in both schematic and board editors

Open a solution from windows file explorer

In the board editor, allow to add pads to the board (smd and tht)

Bugfix: [Footprint] [Preview 3D] Pad with offset drill: hole not shown with offset but as the original position (offset 0)

Improved polygon placement

Board editor: added a button that allows to reposition selected components

[Board] Added an option to allow to disable or enable a board rule

For a library show its version in UI

Allow to change layer color and layer name in the 'Layers' tool window

Allow to toggle layer visibility  in the 'Layers' tool window


Version 1.4.0 (May 19, 2020)

Starting with this version all model and footprint generators will also be available on the Light edition.

Added more footprint and model generators for the following:

  • E-Cap
  • SOT 223
  • SOT 23
  • Pin header straight (male and female)
  • DIP
  • SOD
  • Radial LED


Version 1.3.0 (April 23, 2020)

Use Octopart api to search for parts (available in all editions)

Convert libraries from Eagle

Added more footprint and model generators for the following:

  • DFN
  • QFN
  • BGA
  • Crystal SMD (HC)
  • Radial generic (for electrolitic caps, inductors, etc)
  • Axial generic (for diodes and resistors)
  • MELF

Fix: On footprint editor a poly was not loaded and displayed properly.

Various core improvements and fixes.


Version 1.2.0 (March 03, 2020)

Updated System.* libraries to version 1.0

Performance improvements:

  • loading board for 3D preview
  • update board from schematic
  • document overview refresh

Various core improvements and fixes.