Modern PCB Designer Studio


Modern PCB Designer Studio is currenly available for Windows only.

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Edition Version Link
Modern PCB Designer Studio - Light (64 bit) Download


Alpha Release Reminder

This is an ALPHA release, which means the sofware is generally usable for designing PCB boards.

At this stage there are features that are implemented partially or they are not implemented at all.

There are also bugs which could crash the application unexpectedly or could lead to loosing your working files.

If all above are not acceptable to you, we are strongly advising you not to use this software. We also recommend not to use the software for a project with a deadline. For example if you have a school project or a final exam project.

On the other hand, if all above is acceptable to you, if you like to test new software, or if you want to provide some feedback, then we will gladly want to hear your feedback and opinions.


Mihai Ene.