Modern PCB Designer Studio


Modern PCB Designer Studio is currenly available for Windows only.

To see what's new, read the Release Notes


Edition Version Link
Modern PCB Designer Studio - Light (64 bit) Download


Beta Release Reminder

This is a BETA release, which means the sofware is generally usable for designing PCB boards.

At this stage most of the features are implemented and we could add more features on release.

There might be also bugs, but mostly, the application is stable.


How to install

If your browser warns you about the application not being safe, click to accept the download. The application is guaranteed to be safe as long as you download it from this site.

If the Windows SmartScreen shows up (the blue window that says 'Windows protected your PC ...Running this app might put your PC at risk'):

Click on 'More info' in this window, then click on 'Run anyway' button to install.