Modern PCB Designer

About us

Currently there is a team of one: me.

What I can tell you about me is that I am Mihai Ene, I am from Romania, I graduated Physics, I am a .NET developer for 10 years, and one of my hobbies was electronics since childhood.

Maybe the same like you, at some point in time, I googled for "pcb design software" or "best pcb software tools" and came up with a list. I tried to learn one, then another, I took into account some recommendations from blogs, from forums.

I found free tools, but some were lacking the ease of use, or had a strange way of dealing with libraries.

I also found tools with affordable prices, but these also, some used files in a non-organized way, or had to use "Save As.." for a new board, or some other annoying stuff.

I also tried some tools from the big guys, and, in all honesty, I used the cracked version from torrents. That because their price is in the range that you would buy a car: from 5,000USD to 25,000USD. This, for me, is my income salary for many months, so I cannot afford it. There are also subscriptions models where you pay a couple thousands dollars a year to rent the software.

So, with all above in mind, with the frustration that I couldn't find a tool I can afford, or a tool I would be satisfied with, I came up, eventually, with Modern PCB Designer.

This is my dream PCB Designer tool and I also want to share it with you; I think it has better way of organizing the files, better way to develop and deploy libraries, and it comes in a free version, and the paid version is much more affordable: arround 50 EURO for Standard edition on a permanent license; so, no subscription.

I really hope you will enjoy Modern PCB Designer, and you will also tell your friends, and the world about it.

Now, let's design some boards!