Modern PCB Designer Studio

A New PCB Design Software

Welcome Tinkerers!

Modern PCB Designer Studio is a new PCB Designer software that will help you design printed circuit boards (PCB), also known as circuit boards.

It is intended for hobbyists, freelancers, people who like to sell their own boards, startup companies who are not satisfied with current pcb designer software tools, that are old-style or subscription based.

It is for anyone who wants to design boards.

Currently, there are two editions: one is FREE, the other is a paid, low-cost (about 50 EUR), permanent license.

Modern PCB Designer Studio is under development and it's status is in BETA.



Features at a glance

  • A modern user interface
  • An integrated development environment (IDE) with dockable windows
  • You are able to create an architectural design
  • Schematic editor with multiple sheets
  • Board editor
  • Cross-select and cross-highlight between schematic and board
  • 3D model editor
  • Component editor
  • Footprint editor
  • Symbol editor
  • 3D preview for boards and footprints
  • Creates Gerber files as output
  • You are able to define complex rules on your boards
  • You can have multiple boards in the same board project



Join our community

We have just released our first BETA version to the public and here is what you can do:

  • Register on our website.
  • Provide us with any feedback about software, or about the site.
  • Subscribe to our YouTube channel for video tutorials on how to use this cool software.
  • Download from here and try it out.
Modern PCB Designer Studio - Editions

Modern PCB Designer Studio - Light

This is our FREE PCB Design Software. For hobbyists, home projects and students. For non-commercial use.