Sunday, April 12, 2020 8:06 PM
#8 Quote
We currently give free licenses for Standard edition.

I would like to introduce you to Modern PCB Designer which is a new PCB Design software.
It's purpose is to design PCBs and output Gerber files and other manufacturing data.
It comes in two editions: one is free, the other is a low-cost, permanent license.

Why is this offer for free?
Well, maybe it is like chocolate. In super-markets you might see a pretty young lady that stays on a stand that offers chocolate samples for free to get a taste of it. It's pretty much like that.
There is no catch; the offer is honest and there is no bait and switch.

How to get your free license?
On the homepage just add the Standard Edition to the shopping cart and follow the checkout process.
You will not be asked any credit card information.
You will have to create an account on this website so that the license is registered to you.